lundi 9 février 2009

Des orientations sécuritaires américaines dans l'espace eurasiatique

Le Vice-président Biden a prononcé un discours très intéressant, le 7 février, lors de la 45ème conférence sur la sécurité de Munich. Il a abordé de nombreux points dont la crise économique, les relations avec l'Islam, les relations entre l'OTAN et la Russie, le retour éventuel de la France dans le commandement intégré de l'OTAN, l'importance d'une victoire en Afghanistan, etc.
Mr. Ambassador, thank you very much. Ladies and gentleman, it's an honor to be back in Munich. I've attended this conference many times as a United States senator, and three of my congressional colleagues are here with me today. But I am honored to be back here, as well, as the Vice President of the United States, representing a new administration and, hopefully, a new day.
Today I am especially honored to represent this administration. And we've gone through the oldest of our traditions: that is the peaceful transfer of power. And now, I bring the regrets of two friends who are usually here. But because we are still grappling with legislation relating to our so-called stimulus package to deal with our economic issues — both Senators John McCain and John Kerry were hoping to join my three House colleagues here today, they are usually here, but they send their regrets.
I come to Europe on behalf of a new administration, and an administration that's determined to set a new tone not only in Washington, but in America's relations around the world. That new tone is rooted in a strong bipartisanship to meet these common challenges. And we recognize that these challenges, the need to meet them, is not an opportunity — not a luxury, but it's an absolute necessity. While every new beginning is a moment of hope, this moment -- for America and the countries represented in this room -- it is fraught with some considerable concern and peril.

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